In these pages you may find

many marvels –


a potpourri of possibility;


the musings and makings of a mother-to-be;

or simply

a humble heart’s handmade history…

It encourages me to see so many individuals

buying local,

going green,

and doing what they can to minimize their mark

on our awesome earth.

It inspires me to create, to use that which

I already have, and that which

comes naturally to me, that which

others occasionally take

for granted…

to see beauty in something barren and bring

it back to life – to new life, with new purpose,

new perspective.

As I embark on this journey, of expression,

of motherhood,

of LIFE,

I ask only that you take what you will from my whimsies

with open eyes, and see our wondrous world


in your inner imaginings…

perhaps waiting to be made real by

a stroke of the brush,

a click of a camera,


the flow of your fingers, finding their way on a first foray

to craft your own way to greet the day.

thank you,



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